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get to know a wood enthusiastic-Chen Zalkind

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

1. When did you first start working with wood?

From the age of about 11, I used to walk around workshops and carpentry in the area where I grew up. I would ask them to look, ask questions, and try to do it myself.

2. What is the best piece of advice you ever got about woodworking?

Can not remember at the moment:)

3. What are the 5 most important tools in your workshop and why?

The main tool in the workshop is the table saw (Kreizik) and on it, I do a lot of things that are well beyond its purpose, such as cutting circles and engraving Goshen wood for the cylinder with the help of jigs I built. The press (award) is very significant because we work a lot Pressed in a mold.

Lamination Grinding machine - grinding, column drill - quiet and modest tools that are always used by me in every product.

4. What most inspires you about wood and about your work?

I really like to observe and learn new techniques and methods for working from videos that people upload, I sometimes take inspiration from movements and phenomena in nature and also from special products that are sometimes made from other materials and not just wood.

5. What is the first wooden item you have ever made? Please let us about how it came about

One of the first pieces of furniture I created was a dining table that I have in my home to this day. It is made of African walnut and has nothing to do with my work style today :) I made it in one of the carpentry shops I would come to look at and study. One of the workers there started teaching me things and letting me help him and after a while, I asked to build a table with him in the carpentry shop.

6.When did you start your journey at "Zalkind"?

I set up the studio in 2018 after I already had a carpentry shop where I made kitchens and cabinets, I got bored of it, I went out to study 4 years of industrial design at HIT College, and while studying I always kept the wood as a leading material in almost every project. My final project was a series of pressurized furniture whose idea is that there is no need to connect them neither with glue nor with the screws, everything works on a smart connection in terms of directions and angles. They were the basis for the ZALKIND studio.

7. Can you tell us about the signature products at " Zalkind "?

Nowadays after the launch of a third collection, I think my most recognizable product is the "Waves" shelving system - a system of products that are based on a shelf that is laminated and allows for play and a wide range of options for products and shelving systems.

8. What are the projects you are most proud of in " Zalkind"?

I had a number of projects that were less related to my brand's products and more to the idea that was in the beginning and that was to design and produce larger projects. (It was seating spaces for high-tech offices - bots) But the truth is that I am much more connected to my products like the collection of pressure furniture and the wave systems and now also the new lighting fixtures that have entered the brand.

9.What is the most unusual use of wood in your studio?

I think in general, we are a relatively unusual studio since we work a lot in the technique of lamination. The constant preoccupation and learning of this technique have led us to produce products that are very challenging to produce, with the help of techniques and improvisations. (For example - a 2.5-meter long wave shelf is very challenging to produce as there are locks inside the mold that do not allow the material to be pulled in while pressing and it took us a lot of trying until we finally found a solution.)

International design award winner of the year 2017 - have a look at this armchair design, step by step

10. What is the most inspiring quote that always motivates you?

“The details are not the details. They make the design. ” (Charles Eames) - Details and connecting points is my love so I very much connect to this sentence!

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