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get to know a wood enthusiastic-Lukas Bernard

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

1. When did you first start working with wood?

I started working as a woodworker at the age of 16.

2. What is the best piece of advice you ever got about woodworking?

The best advice was to do what you love and success will follow.

3. What are the 5 most important tools in your workshop and why?

Thickness planer, grinding machine, hand circular saw, cordless screwdriver, and chisel - I am using them constantly while working in my workshop, so I highly recommend having them.

4. What most inspires you about wood and about your work?

That every piece of wood is unique and special in a beautiful way.

5. What is the first wooden item you have ever made? Please let us about how it came about

The first thing I made out of wood was a bedside table cabinet.

6. When did you start your journey as a woodworker/carpenter?

I started as a woodworker 9 years ago.

7. Can you tell us about the products you make?

I mainly produce individual pictures print on wood. It’s different from normal wood deco and also to a normal frame.

8. What are the projects you are most proud of?

The project which I‘m the proudest of was my graduation project - a wooden bed alongside side cabinets. Makes me happy thinking about it.

9.What is the most unusual use of wood in your studio?

My favorite has to be my jacuzzi wooden frame project.

The stone wall was really an obstacle. Each block of wood individually adapted to the stone. This was indeed a challenge to make, but it was fun to build something so individual!

I decided on thermally treated pine as the type of wood to use here. The warm color of the wood feels like a perfect match with the Jacuzzi

10. What is the most inspiring quote that always motivates you?

Don't be afraid - just start!

Woodworking is amazing!

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