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"Woodworkers Guild Of America"- is it the right choice for you?

Updated: Feb 9

An online woodworking resource can be an incredible place of guidance, support, and erudition for any woodworker to learn woodworking. But it can even be a complete waste of money and time if you end up signing up for the wrong website or group.

WWGOA (Woodworkers Guild of America) is one of the popular woodworking online resources available today. But is it genuinely worth joining WWGOA to learn woodworking? Continue reading and find out today!!!

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What is WWGOA?

Woodworkers Guild of America is your handy go-to online resource for woodworking training, ideas, and knowledge - a community that brings passionate woodworkers together to express their abilities and creativity.

WWGOA aims to make you a better woodworker, and through videos, they teach you. Their educational videos are instructed by friendly, talented woodworkers and provide useful tips and ideas on the way to you through timely techniques and step-by-step demonstrations.

How Can You Become A Member?

If you want to join WWGOA, your account requires a membership fee. You can go with an annual membership or a monthly alternative, like most subscriptions. Both memberships begin at the registered date and either end one full year or within 30 days, respectively.

The card you used for registration will automatically renew your membership and can be canceled at any time to simplify stuff. All the information in this treasure chest can be used uninterrupted, as payment takes 5-10 days until your contract ends (depending on monthly or yearly memberships).

For protentional WWGOA members, there are two membership choices – Premium and Gold.

Let’s talk about both in-depth.

1. Premium Membership

The premium affiliation provides all-inclusive access to premium videos of WWGOA, showing you how to complete projects gradually. The content is comprehensive and understandable. It wouldn't be difficult for beginners to follow the lessons.

WWGOA offers a 50 percent discount on all video downloads when you want to download videos to your library, and uploading is an efficient way to consume content because the correct video instructions are no longer required for you to scroll.

The premium subscription provides two video downloads for its annual members and two free plan downloads for those who like comfort; this is a perfect option.

Overall, the premium membership is an incredible deal. You won't miss out on ideas for future ventures because you have access to each and every woodworking plans WWGOA entails to offer.


All premium videos available

Access to all woodwork projects and plans on the WWGOA site

Two free video downloads for annual members

Two free plan downloads for annual members

50 percent off on all other videos

Get a newsletter every week


No classes incorporated.

2. Gold Membership

The Gold Membership is on a higher level than the premium, with all the premiums' incentives and several extra benefits. They have further video download promotions and an extra 20% cut on plan downloads. Both can be put in your collection, so you can find them more comfortable.

With three classes and 4 Mini-classes, WWGOA goes even further. For all the courses you sign up for afterwards, you will get a reduction of 20 percent. Gold offers eight videos and seven plans for free instead of 2 free video downloads.

One of the best aspects of gold membership is the Ask the Expert Service. This allows you to get advice and expertise from seasoned woodworkers and veterans at all times. Their service is compassionate, and professionals highly regard membership.


Get weekly newsletters

60% discount on video downloads

Download 7 free plan

Three grades of WWGOA

Four mini-groups of WWGOA.

Access to the Expert Program


No monthly option

Woodworkers Guild Of America Membership Benefits

Depending on your membership package, you have many advantages to join WWGOA, but ultimately, you get benefits that will bring a difference to your woodworking life. If you buy items from their website, they can be shipped globally to many countries worldwide. You can also get delivery in Australia, Brazil, India, western Europe, South Africa, and New Zealand, to name a few, other than the USA and Canada.

In addition to purchasing items at a discount, you will have unlimited access to all the inspiration, images, projects, posts, and more in the world of woodworking. There are also comprehensive step by step videos and a library of advanced woodworking schemes, frequently modified with the latest resource to learn woodworking in-depth.

The WWGOA mini-classes are available in real-time. Directions and questions are immediately given and resolved, showing clearly the advantages of live lessons. You can learn at your speed and even share beginner material with your children. Get them their own wood construction kit for kids, take a course together, and bond while both of you learn woodworking.

Whether you go with a gold or premium membership, you will be provided with new strategies and ideas through ready-made videos on the website. Real experts have made guides and learning resources, so you know that your money is worth it.

Is Woodworkers Guild Of America Worth It?

After reviewing the perks, membership info, and pros & cons of becoming a member of WWGOA, we come to the biggest question in the Woodworkers Guild of America: Is WWGOA worth it?

The response to that is a resounding YES. Apart from instructions, plans, and ideas backed up by expert advice and guidance, what WWGOA provides is not something you can quickly get from free online carpentry books or articles on the Internet. It can also support both experienced and novice woodworkers, with guides that are ideal for children's woodworking projects.


If you seek a website where your woodworking passions can be facilitated and fine-tuned, it will help you be a part of WWGOA.

Many woodworkers may find themselves trapped with nowhere to turn to for guidance on a specific project. This would not happen to you if you are a part of WWGOA, and you will have the support of WWGOA experts and a vast collection of tools to spark creativity.

If all these get you excited, then it is undoubtedly worth a WWGOA membership!

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